Letter from the Principal - March 19, 2021

Letter from the Principal - March 19, 2021
Posted on 03/19/2021
Principal UpdateDear Chester Educational Community,

We will be continuing in the A/B In Person model next week. For those of you interested in knowing how we determine that, here are the details. The current point range in our Model Determination Table is an 8. (A number of 7 to 11 puts us in the A/B In Person model.) That number, derived from our Risk Assessment Rubric breaks
down as follows:

Status as of March 12, 2021

Rubric Score

NH DHHS County cases per 100,000 persons: 278


NH DHHS Rockingham County Antigen & PCR Test Positivity rate: 4.9%


Transmission of COVID within the school community: Zero or sporadic cases, no evidence of transmission within the school setting


Chester Academy student absentee rate: Less than 15%


Chester Academy staff capacity and school operations: 6 out of 6


Total Score:


You can find more details with regard to the Table and Rubric in our Reopening Plan on pages 9-11. That plan can be accessed here. Please note that a model change to
Adapted in Person will occur 5 days after conditions have been determined to have subsided to an appropriate level (Total Score of 6 or lower) and only if those conditions
remain within that point range. We continue to strive for this to take place. As you know from yesterday’s letter, we had two positive cases identified this week. One classroom was moved to remote through Monday of the coming week. Classroom instruction continued under the A/B Instruction Model for our students unaffected by contact with the students who tested positive.

There was a small uptick this week in cases within the county and the positivity rate also increased. We continue to struggle in the area of staff capacity to conduct classes and school operations, although we did make some progress. On a daily basis we are having administrators cover classrooms and we are pulling paraprofessionals from their assignments to cover classrooms as well. This issue is statewide. It is not just showing up here in Chester.

We will be meeting as a Reopening Plan Committee this coming week. We will be reviewing the plan for further adjustments that can be made due to the majority of the staff receiving their second vaccination dose on April 11th and being fully inoculated two weeks later. We will also be reviewing the new close contact and quarantining guidelines from the NHDHHS as well as the new physical distancing recommendations announced today by the CDC. The Committee will bring forward recommendations to the School Board at their next meeting on April 7th.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Superintendent Lockwood and Principal Lacroix


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