Remote Learning and Cancellation Days

Cancellation Days

Remote learning tools or Telepresence may also be used during cancellation days, for example for closures due to snow.  Parents will be contacted by phone and email with details if the school is closed and information will also be posted on the school website at

Depending on your child's grade level materials may be assigned via Google classroom.  Students may also participate in remote instruction via Google Meet.

Remote Learning options for Students in Quarantine or Isolation 

Chester Academy is utilizing online tools to facilitate remote learning as part of our return to School Plan.  These tools include Google Classroom and Google Meet.  Specific tools and activities vary based on grade-level and class.  

In compliance with New Hampshire Ed 306.22 Distance Education, Students unable to attend classes in-person because of COVID related quarantine/isolation or other long term extraordinary health circumstances may be expected to and/or permitted to join classes via telepresence with approval from the Principal. Telepresence is no longer available for other reasons.

Once the quarantine/isolation or health issue has been resolved, the student will be expected to return to in person instruction.

Teachers with telepresent students will establish a schedule and will broadcast classroom content at specified times via Google Meet. Meets shall not be recorded by the district or by parents due to privacy and legal requirements.

● Students will be able to interact with their teachers and classmates during the meet/broadcast.
● Students may be given independent work to do after a video session.
● Telepresent students are expected to be supervised by a parent or other appropriate caregiver.
● Students will complete and turn in work via Google Classroom or other online tools.
● Telepresence is limited to synchronous activities.