Remote Learning and Cancellation Days

Cancellation Days and Remote Learning 

Chester Academy is utilizing online tools to facilitate remote learning as part of our School Reopening Plan.  These tools include Google Classroom and Google Meet.  Specific tools and activities vary based on grade-level and class.   

Remote learning may also used during cancellation days, for example for closures due to snow.  Parents will be contacted by phone and email with details if the school is closed and information will also be posted on the school website at

What is Google Classroom and how do students sign in?

Google Classroom is a virtual learning environment. Every student in grade K-8 has access to Google Classroom. To access their Google Classroom, students can follow the directions linked here. These directions are also available on our Parent/Student Resources page and in the Remote Learning Resources folder below. We have also created a Chester Academy specific training video which can be found here.

An instructional video for taking photos of assignments and adding them to Google Classroom can be found here.

I still have questions, whom do I contact?

Who to Contact During Remote Learning Period