2021-2022 School Supply List

2021-2022 School Supply List
Posted on 08/10/2021
School Supplies

ALL GRADES. Every child will need:

*Refillable water bottle
*One pair of small comfortable earbuds (Grades 3-8 only) or headphones (K-8) to be left at school. Bluetooth or wireless headphones are NOT PERMITTED.

Due to allergy concerns, we ask that students do not bring in their own hand sanitizer.

A box of tissues
Prizes for prize box (a package of little items/toys the kids earn
when they follow classroom rules/routines)

*Please see ALL GRADES above
A change of clothes for emergency purposes
Large t-shirt or paint smock
Crayola Watercolor Paint (16 count)
A sturdy 2 pocket folder
Shoebox with attached lid

1st Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above plus
Plastic school supply box
Sharp Fiskars children’s scissors
Package of highlighter markers

2nd Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above

3rd Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above plus
1 2 pocket folder

4th Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above plus
Sturdy take-home folder
1 dozen sharpened pencils
1 Package of pencil top erasers
1 4-pack of THIN dry-erase markers

5th Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above plus
4 Pocket folders 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, and 1 blue
1 Pocket folder--your choice of color
2 Two subject notebooks
2-3 dozen pencils for the school year - we recommend Ticonderoga
Pencil case/box
A book of the student’s choice for Independent Reading
Fine point dry erase markers - black or multi-color (no yellow)
1 Highlighter marker

6th Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES plus
Sturdy ruler with inches and metric w/millimeters
1 notebook for math
1 one inch binder for science with a set of 5 dividers
1 3 subject notebook for SS
1 5 subject notebook for LA
5 2 pocket folders, vinyl/plastic preferred
A basic four function calculator
Zippered pencil bag--NO PENCIL BOXES!
Recommended, but not required:
Dry erase markers (thin/fine point) No yellow please.
Many, many pencils and erasers
2 different colored highlighters, 1 glue stick

7th Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above plus
Green pocket folder (Math), Blue Pocket Folder (SS), Yellow Pocket Folder (ELA), 1 inch 3 prong binder with pockets (Science)
2 extra pocket folders in different colors not listed above for IA’s and WIN. 3 packages of lined paper (college or wide ruled)
2 packages of 12 or more pencils
1 package of pencil cap erasers, handheld pencil sharpener, pencil case, 1 highlighter, binder labels, black Sharpie
Inexpensive calculator
Silent reading book of your choice

8th Grade
*Please see ALL GRADES above plus
A dozen pencils
1 tri-fold, free standing poster
Math-1 inexpensive calculator, 1 folder to keep homework in
Social Studies-1 1 inch 3 ring binder with binder dividers
Science-1 thin black Sharpie, Composition notebook, 1 pkg of index cards, several highlighters in various colors
LA-1 3 inch ring binder, binder dividers

Please limit the supplies your child brings to school as storage space is limited and nonessential items tend to be distracting.