Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of the meals?

- Breakfast is $2.00student / $2.00 adult (low-fat, non-fat or chocolate non-fat milk
- Reduced breakfast is $.30
- Lunch is $2.85 for all grades and $3.75 for an adult sandwich or hot lunch and adult
salads are $4.00 (small water/milk and fruit included).
- Reduced lunch is $.40
- Milk by itself is $.50

What comes with my students’ meal?
The monthly menus are created to offer a well-balanced meal. We offer a main entree, a
sandwich meal, and a salad meal option daily. Each meal includes 2 vegetable choices and 2-3
fruit choices daily. Our menus meet the nutritional standards and guidelines for the National
School Lunch Program.

Can my child purchase seconds of the entrée?
Yes, for an additional $1.50 your child can purchase a second serving of the main entree. The
child needs to make sure to let his or her teacher know in the morning when lunch counts are
being done.

What grades eat together and at what time?
Each lunch period is 30 minutes. Grades 3-5 eat together from 11:10-1140. Grades 6-8 eat
together from 11:55-12:25. Kindergarten-2 eat together from 12:25-12:55.
Breakfast is offered each morning.

Is my child allowed to purchase snacks?
Yes, students in grades 3-8 are able to buy snacks off their account. All ice creams are $.85 and
other snacks range from $.50-$1.50. Students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, may only
purchase ice cream or 6oz fruit smoothie for $.85 and must pay with cash, snacks may NOT be
taken off their account!

Can my child still buy snacks if their account has a negative balance?
No, we do not allow any student to purchase snacks from the snack cart or with their meals if they owe money. In addition if your child is on free or reduced meals, our
snack offering is not sold at a reduced rate. The account will need to maintain a positive
balance in order to purchase snacks or use cash.

For more information please see the Charging Policy.

What happens if my child has a negative balance of $10.00 or more?
We send reminder notes home every week for every student who either has a negative
balance or a low balance of $5.00 or less. These notes are to let you know it is time to
deposit money into your students lunch account. We are a self-funded organization and run on a debit not credit system.

For More information please see the Charging Policy.

What if my child does not like anything on the hot lunch menu?
In addition to the hot lunch option, fresh salads and sandwich meal options are available to all
students. Everyday meal options are also available: Bagel Bag and CA Munchable. All meals
come with 2 vegetable options and 2 fruit options.

When is my child’s money put into their accounts?
When you send in check or cash it is deposited the very same day into their accounts for use.
Your check may clear later as we do not go to the bank every day. Sending in a check or using
the on-line prepayment system (, directions are on the website or
pamphlets in the main office) is the best way for you to track the money as cash always has a
chance to get lost. Please make checks payable to “Chester Academy School Lunch” and include
your child’s name.

Can I divide the money into breakfast, lunch, and snack accounts?
No, when money is sent in for your child it all goes into a central account for that students to
use. Please make sure to explain to your child at home whether they are
allowed additional snacks or extra items. This makes it easier to track for you and your

Am I able to find out what my child has purchased or how much they have left on their

Yes, of course! Please call me at 887-3621 x 183 or email,, any
time and I can assist you with your questions. I can also send you home an account summary
sheet with purchases and current balances. If you have a MySchoolBucks account, you are able
to log on and access your child’s account at any time.

Can I send a meal to school with my child that needs to be re-heated?
No, Students are not able to access the microwave. charges a $2.50 fee per transaction?
Yes, does charge a $2.50 per transaction not per child. This fee is charged
by the company not the school.