Welcome Letter

The entire kitchen staff would like to personally welcome you and your child to our program.

This note will provide a brief overview of our lunch program so that your child will have an
idea what to expect on his or her first day.

Each student is provided a lunch account that will be accessed using their name during meal
periods when purchasing lunch and/or any other items. The total due will be deducted from
their pre-paid account. Payments can be made to the school with cash or check, made out to
Chester Academy Lunch Program. Please be sure to label all payments with your child’s
To make payments electronically, please go to MySchoolBucks.com to set up an
account. A small fee will be charged for this service from the company. The money will be
deposited directly to your child’s account for daily use. Weekly statements are sent out for
balances that reach $5.00 or below. The kitchen is a self-funded program which operates on a
debit not credit system. We appreciate your efforts in maintaining positive balances.

Breakfast is available to all students each morning for $2.00. Fresh fruit, whole grain products,
milk and other items are available daily. Lunch for all grades is $2.85. Students may choose
from a hot lunch, fresh salad, sandwich or a grab-n-go option. Each meal choice comes with
fruit, vegetable and choice of milk. Hot lunch meals are posted on the monthly menu and can be
found on the website. There are many A-la-Carte items also available at an additional cost.
Snack prices have gone up this year and range from $.85 to $1.50. Entrees are available to ALL
students for $1.50 and individual milk for $.50 can be purchased using their lunch account.

Students in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade are only allowed to purchase ice cream and, new
this year, 6oz fruit smoothies from the snack cart for $.85. Students must have cash to
purchase! They cannot use their lunch account
, no exceptions.

Applications for the Free/Reduced lunch program can be found on the website or picked
up at the front office.
Families may apply at any time during the school year. For those that
qualify, a reduced breakfast cost $.30 and lunch $.40.

I hope this helps and eases some of the first day jitters. Please feel free to email or call with
further questions or visit the school website to learn more about our lunch program.


Leanne Sullivan
Food Service Director

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.