Grade 8


Announcements pertaining to 8th graders will be posted in the School Announcements and can be viewed [here]. Grade 8 will also be sending out a monthly newsletter to update parents and guardians about upcoming events with our team, as well as academic updates for each class.


Homework assignments will be posted on the whiteboard in each classroom, in PowerSchool, and in your child's Google Classroom.

Special Services

Special Education Services in grade 8 are delivered by a dedicated team. Click [here] for more information.

Google Classroom

8th Grade students will use Chromebooks and Google Classroom to access class assignments, announcements, and resources.


Parents are encouraged to use the PowerSchool Parent Portal Account to check on homework assignments, follow their child's academic progress, and to complete annual school forms. Click here to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

8th Grade students may also access their individual PowerSchool Student Portal Account. Access information is provided to students at the beginning of the school year.


Parents and students interested in learning more about the 8th Grade curriculum can [click here] for more information.

8th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Armstrong
Language Arts
[email protected]

Mrs. Donohue
[email protected]

Mrs. Riley
[email protected]