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NAEP Grade 8 Student Math Survey
NAEP Grade 8 Student Reading Survey

Chester Academy's Kindergarten through Eighth Grade curriculum provides foundation skills and academic challenges to the students of Chester. Our curriculum is standards-based and aligned to the New Hampshire's College and Career Ready Standards.

Chester Academy's instructional staff participate in annual professional development training in an ongoing effort to improve instruction and develop high quality standards-based units, lessons and assessments. Our goal is to ensure that Chester Academy's students are well prepared, motivated lifelong learners.

As we look to the future, we are continuing to incorporate more technology tools as a standard component of teaching and assessment. The majority of our middle level books now have accompanying electronic licenses which means students don't have to carry their books home. In many cases, it also allows students to review interactive electronic support when completing homework assignments.

Amanda Gage
Learning and Growth Coordinator
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Phone Ext. 145

Yearly assessments are administered and used as a method to measure growth during the school year and as data to support direct instruction. The New Hampshire Department of Education has contracted with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) for the development and administration of the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System. This series of assessments measures student performance in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics in grades 3-8, and science in grades 5 & 8. We also administer annual academic standards-based assessments, such as i-Ready, in mathematics and language arts. Teachers provide a variety of content area assessments throughout the school year. We use these assessments to review student progress on an annual basis.

The purpose of the grade level overviews is to give parents a general picture of what their children will be learning throughout the school year. If you have further questions concerning a particular grade level curriculum and content area, we recommend that you speak to your child's teacher.


Grade Level Curriculum Overviews: