The Chester Academy Enrichment Program aims to develop healthy learning habits in all students by providing opportunities for engagement, excitement and enthusiasm for learning at all levels.  Improving the learning environment within the school creates higher achievement and a positive learning environment where teachers and students love coming to school.  The role of the Enrichment Teacher is to coordinate and implement a schoolwide enrichment program for all students

  • Regular (weekly/biweekly) meeting with classroom teachers to discuss ways to differentiate lessons, compact curriculum, and provide ongoing education to teachers related to enhancing lessons for all students, especially high end learning techniques for all grade levels

  • Provide regular (weekly/biweekly) classroom experiences in grades 1-5.

  • The Enrichment Teacher will monitor student interest and abilities to create high end learning experiences such as small group projects (i.e. reading, writing, math, science, art etc.) These projects will be developed in order to provide enriching experiences on grade level content and extend the learning of high achieving students by increasing the depth of knowledge of the learning activities. Small group projects with students who share similar interests and learning styles are part of the "Chester Academy School Culture and Vision" mission related to Section II: Teaching and Learning where quality of instruction is emphasized. 

  • Middle school students have a WIN block, which can be used for enrichment activities and projects. The Enrichment Teacher will continue to consult with teachers regarding the WIN program and the support needs of middle school students.

  • The Enrichment Teacher will be responsible for coordinating multiple school wide projects and events. Examples of such school-wide events are science fairs, invention convention, art fairs, economy day, culture fair, or STEM night, but the Enrichment Teacher is responsible for coordinating with administration and staff to determine which of these or other activities are appropriate. These experiences will be provided for all students and allow their learning to be self-directed and supervised by classroom teachers as well as the Enrichment Teacher, as appropriate. 

  • In section III: Relationships, part (c) of the  "Chester Academy School Culture and Vision" document emphasizes the vision of students who are engaged learners, staff who are enthusiastic about their work, and students who are connected to adults they work with on a regular basis creates a positive attitude.  Project based learning also emphasizes connecting with community members who can offer specific talents and experiences, which further nurtures positive relationships within the school and community. The implementation of an Enrichment Program would enable opportunities for the students that would support this goal.

Our job as educators is to create lifelong independent and confident learners. The school wide enrichment program will provide significant support towards this goal for all learners.

Rebekah Bergeron
Enrichment Teacher
[email protected]
Phone Ext. 166