Special Services

The goal of the Special Services department is to provide high quality education programs, based on specifically identified needs, where students are empowered to reach their individual potential. We provide specialized instruction and services for students with educational disabilities, working toward achieving academic success and social/emotional growth.

Special Education Case Managers work with students, parents, and teachers to ensure the success of every student in their grade level.  A Special Education Case Manager is a certified educator who oversees the special education processes and verifies that IEP services are implemented in compliance with federal, state and district regulations. 

Contact information for case managers can be found on the Grade Level Team page of the grade(s) they service. 

Documents and Resources

Jana Ruiz
Director of Special Services

[email protected]
603) 887-3621 Ext. 151

Jane Grimm
Administrative Assistant

[email protected]
(603) 887-3621 Ext. 146