Technology Integration

At Chester Academy, our teachers and students use a variety of technology and digital tools to supplement existing resources and instructional content. Teachers are very skilled at choosing, integrating, and balancing technology use in the classroom and several of these resources can be accessed after school hours to meet individual student needs. Integration of technology in the classroom supports the Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and the NH Computer Science standards.

1:1 Program

Students in grades 1 through 8 are provided with a chromebook for their daily individual use. Chromebooks are used in various classes and subject areas in an age appropriate way. Students in grades 6 through 8 are offered the opportunity to take their school chromebook home nightly to complete schoolwork. 

Student Technology Access

Access to Chester Academy's technology resources, including access to the internet from school, is a privilege, not a right. The Chester School District Responsible Use Policy and disciplinary policies govern all use of the district's technology resources.


For help with this webpage or with technology at Chester Academy, including PowerSchool or G-Suite for Education, please email:

Technology Team

The Technology Team:

Benjamin Kilar
Technology Director

Tracey Farrenkopf
Technology Integrationist

Jarrod Gore
Technology Support